Mega Millions Lottery Draw Likely to Reach a BillIon-Dollar Pot

Someone is likely to have a very good year in 2023 as the Mega Millions lottery creeps toward the billion-dollar mark, after no one had the winning numbers (1, 3, 6, 44 and 51, plus Mega Ball 7) for Friday’s draw.

The prize for the U.S. game next week will be an estimated $785 million according to a Mega Millions statement.

“On only three previous occasions has the Mega Millions jackpot gone beyond $700 million, “Mega Millions said, “and all three times those rolls continued on past $1 billion.”

The game, however, does offer different ways of winning and players can win by matching only some of the numbers. with payoffs ranging from $2 to $1 million.

The current estimated $785 million is the value of the prize if it is paid through an annuity, with annual checks over 29 years. If a winner takes cash, the next drawing would get them an estimated $395 million before taxes.