Ohio Man Arrested for Allegedly Trying to Join IS

Federal agents have arrested an Ohio man on suspicion of plotting to join Islamic State and carry out “terrorist projects” in the United States. 

Agents arrested Naser Almadaoji, 19, an Iraqi-born naturalized U.S. citizen, on Wednesday at the international airport in Columbus, Ohio. They alleged Almadaoji intended to fly to Kazakhstan and sneak into Afghanistan for IS military training.

U.S. attorneys said Almadaoji appeared in an online video dressed in an Islamic headscarf, pledging allegiance to the leader of IS and saying he wanted to spark fighting in the U.S. between the government and anti-government militias.

According to the complaint against him, Almadaoji told someone he believed had ties to IS that he wanted expert training in weapons use, instruction on planning and executing attacks, and guidance on how to capture high-value targets, break into homes and avoid security guards. 

Prosecutors also alleged Almadaoji traveled to Egypt and Jordan in February with the apparent intention to join terrorist groups. 

Almadaoji faces up to 20 years in federal prison if he is convicted.