Infant Refugee Girl, Stabbed at US Birthday Party, Dies

A man accused of stabbing nine refugees, including six children, at a Boise, Idaho, birthday party was charged with murder Monday after the 3-year-old birthday girl died.

Timmy Kinner is jailed without bail. He also faces nine charges of aggravated assault.

The toddler died in a Utah hospital, where she was flown for treatment. Seven other victims are still being treated, some for life-threatening wounds.

Police say Kinner was evicted Friday from the apartment complex that housed refugees because of what police say was his disturbing behavior. He returned the next day and allegedly stabbed children and guests at the birthday party, which was being held outdoors.

The victims are from Ethiopia, Iraq and Syria. Boise police chief Bill Bones said Kinner is from Los Angeles and is not a refugee. Bones said the attack does not appear to be a hate crime, but that does not make it any less horrible.

“This is an attack against those who are most vulnerable, our children. It’s untenable, unconscionable and is pure evil in my mind,” Bones said.

About 200 people turned out for a prayer service at an Islamic community center Sunday night, followed by a rally near the attack site where speakers demanded greater safety for refugees.